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Welcome to Emergency Survival Kits can help if a disasters hits your home. The best chance to make it through is to be prepared. Survival kits online have you covered with a complete line of emergency survival kits, disaster survival kits and  survival kits for sale. Being prepared is more than just having a few gallons of water and a box of band aids. It is having a plan to follow, supplies to carry you through a time period without power and access to resupply, ways of communication, lighting and power creation, tools, comfort and emergency shelters. Emergency Survival Goods has everything you need to survive a natural or man-made disaster.

Classroom/Office "Everything Kit" (KT1)
Classroom kits and office kits are the whats important in the event there is...
Deluxe Back Pack Kit - 4 Person (KEX4)
Emergency Backpack Kit For 4 People. 4-person, 72-hour survival kit packaged...
Urban Road Warrior 21 Piece
This Urban Road Warrior 21 Piece is a great emergency survival car kit that...
Deluxe Honey Bucket Kit - 4 Person (KEX4P)
Emergency Home Kit for 4 person. 72-hour survival kit designed to prepare a...

Disaster Survival Kits

You never know where you will be when a disaster strikes. Emergency Survival Goods has emergency survival kits available for car, home, business and personal use. By following the Four Steps to Preparedness: Have A Plan, Keep Supplies, Stay Informed and Get Involved, you stand a very good chance of coming out of an emergency or disaster situation in good shape. At Emergency Survival Goods, it is easy to get the supplies you need and products for communication to stay informed.

The Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) is organized through Federal, state, local and volunteer groups. Emergency Survival Goods is proud to make available a full line of CERT products and guides for organizations and individual use. This is an excellent way to get involved in helping your community weather a disaster.

Your personal safety and also that of your family and pets is a priority at Emergency Survival Goods. All human and pet survival kits have a 5 year shelf life. They are designed to maintain the health and safety of your loved ones.

Survival Kits Online

Disaster survival kits have long term food supplies, and food storage items, first aid kits, lighting and communication supplies, water and shelter goods, survival kits online is the place to go for the products you need. With the best emergency survival kits and personal safety items available, Emergency Survival goods wants to ensure that no matter what happens, you have the means to make it through no matter what the catastrophic event. We offer survival kits for sale and pet survival kits online.